10 Rings

Matt Light knows how lucky he was to have been able to realize so many athletic achievements as a professional football player during his 11 seasons with the New England Patriots. It took many years of hard work and a real commitment to reaching one’s goals. He started off playing Pop Warner football as a kid, and didn’t hang up his cleats until 2012, when he retired from the NFL at the pinnacle of his career, after what many say was one of his best years in the league. As he recalls his playing days, he can count his accomplishments on two hands...literally! Matt has a total of 10 rings – 3 SuperBowl Rings, 2 AFC Championship rings, 4 Bowl rings for the college Outback Bowl and Rose Bowls, and 1 other ring he received for playing all 4 years at Purdue University.

Won & Lost Every Way:
With winning, comes the possibility of losing. Although Matt enjoyed a long winning streak with the Patriots during their SuperBowl run in 2001, 2003, and 2004, he also quickly learned that you can’t always walk away victorious. “I’ve won and lost just about every way possible,” he notes. “I’ve won a few SuperBowls and lost a few, won the AFC Championship and lost it, won a second round playoff game and lost it, won the first round playoff game and lost it, and made the playoffs and also never made them in a season,” he recalls. “That's winning and losing just about every way possible!” He says that he’s learned over the years that while it feels great to win, it’s also important to lose with grace and dignity. He says he’s used those life lessons many times to teach the kids he serves through the Light Foundation that you’ve done your job if you always give it your best shot.