Matt was raised in the rural farming community of Greenville, Ohio, loving the outdoors and enjoying nature. "I really learned to respect the outdoors as a kid -- if I ever did something destructive, well, that was a big no-no," he recalls. "I was taught at a very early age that you have to have respect for the animals, the plants, the trees -- you don't tear something up. You have accountability. The outdoors teaches you patience and hard work. If you want to enjoy all it has to offer, you have to work hard. Growing up, I was always with family, especially outdoors. You really have that sense of camaraderie and family being outside together."

As a result of all the time he spent enjoying nature, Matt’s become an avid hunter, and an experienced fisherman. He enjoys all types of related sports, including archery, clay shooting, off-roading, and just about anything that keeps him outside. He credits many enduring lessons to the time he spent outdoors during his impressionable youth. He says that’s why his leadership camp, Camp Vohokase, which takes place on the grounds of the Light Foundation’s Chenoweth Trails facility in Greenville is centered around an outdoor leadership program that takes kids from different backgrounds around the country and puts them outdoors to learn valuable life skills.