1. Amount of Scholarship

    A minimum of two (2) scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $1000.00 each.  More scholarships may be given at the sole discretion of The Light Foundation.  Applicants must be from Darke County, Ohio in order to be eligible.


  2. Selection Criteria

  1. The Applicant will be selected without regard to sex, race, creed, or color.
  2. A 2.5 or better grade point average is required.  Must be a graduating high school Senior or attending college for an undergraduate degree.
  3. Copy of High School transcripts and/or last quarter/semester grades from college.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will consider financial need and special circumstances when selecting the winner of this scholarship.  Please address financial need and any special circumstances when answering questions #6 on this application.  Sell yourself!
  5. A recent picture of the applicant is requested, but not required.  This photo will be used for press releases and for The Light Foundation website and news articles if you are selected as a winner.  Winners who have not included a photo with their application will appear as “photo not available” in all publicity material.
  6. All scholarship applications MUST BE TYPED and printed out.  Handwritten applications will be automatically disqualified.  Your answers must follow each question on your submitted application.
  7. All of the above requirements, except item E, MUST be met for consideration. 
  8. The application must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by a teacher, principal, coach, guidance counselor or youth worker.


  1. Restrictions

  1. Family members of The Light Foundation Board of Trustees or staff are not eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must be accepted to or attending an accredited university or college or vocational school.


  1. Application Deadline / Turn in

    ALL applications must be RECEIVED / POSTMARKED on or before April 13th, 2018. 

    ALL applications should be mailed to 440 Greenville-Nashville Rd. Greenville, Ohio 45331


  2. Winners

Will receive their check at our facility (440 Greenville-Nashville Rd., Greenville, Oh 45331) Date TBD









Full Name:  _____________________________________________________________________


Address:  _______________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:  ____________________________Birth Date:  __________________________


Father’s Name:  __________________________Mother’s Name _________________________


Please check:  High School Graduating Senior: _____   College Student:  _____


School attended (ninth grade to present):  ___________________________________________


Date of Graduation: ____________  Number in Class:  _________  Class Rank _____


Grade Point Average (on a four-point scale): __________


ACT Score: _________         SAT Score: ___________



 1.  What college do you plan to attend or are attending?


2.  What do you plan to study/current major and why have you chosen this field to study?


3.  How does obtaining a degree in this area relate to your future goals?


4.  Please list the Academic honors, awards, scholarships or other special recognition you have received. 


5. Please list extra-curricular activities (school related).  Include any positions of leadership you have held and awards or recognition you have received.


6.  Please state why you would be a worthy recipient of the Light Foundation Scholarship.  Please directly address financial need and/or special circumstances, as they will be considered when awarding the scholarship.


7.  Estimated cost PER SEMESTER for tuition, books, and room and board of the college you plan to attend:


8.  List your community service activities (include service learning, church, volunteering, etc.) Please specify approximate hours for each activity.


9.  List any positions of employment you have held (Please include dates and approximate hours per week)


10.  What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of and why?


11.  What is your greatest challenge & how are you working to overcome it?


12. OPTIONAL – If there is anything else about you that you haven’t mentioned and want to include for us to consider in selecting our winners please include here.  Limit to one page.



REMEMBER – To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be forgotten.


2017 Scholarships


PHOTO CAPTION: Light Foundation scholarship recipients (L-R) Molly Hunt, Madison Stachler, Matt Light, Keenan Fraylick and Kara Langenkamp.

GREENVILLE – The Light Foundation presented scholarships to four Darke County students.
On hand to make the presentation was GHS alum and three time New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion and Light Foundation founder, Matt Light.

“It was another great year,” said Light. “We had a lot of applicants. We had some that we call the rising star and the others that are very deserving of the scholarships.”

“It’s just something we love to do,” Light stated. “It give us a hook into the community in terms of helping some of these kids that are going to go on and further their education and for us to be able to impact them just a little bit.”

Kara Langenkamp, Madison Stachler, Molly Hunt and Keenan Fraylick were the recipients of the 2017 scholarships.

“It’s not much money,” said Light, “but overall I think every dollar helps, especially today.”

Gaylen Blosser - Bluebag Media



2016 Scholarships


On July 26 2016, the Light Foundation presented it's latest scholarships to four Darke County students.

Matt Light was on hand to make the presentation. “We had a lot of applications,” said Light. “The applications were incredible again this year. You look at what these students are doing, these young ladies obviously excel in everything they have put their heart and soul into and you know they are going to do great because you look at what they have done.”

Three 2016 Versailles graduates, Brianne Buzard, Alyssa Morgan, Megan VanSkyock and Arcanum graduate Elizabeth Riley were the recipients of the 2016 scholarships.

“For us to be able to help out a little, we’re happy to do so,” Light said. “We are happy to be there in that capacity.”

Congratulations to these well-deserving students!!


2015 Scholarships


GREENVILLE – The Light Foundation has announced its scholarship recipients for 2015, each who was awarded an academic scholarship to assist with continued education costs.

“This is always great time of the year for us,” said Light Foundation founder Matt Light. “We as a foundation just finished a leadership camp. We had kids in from all over the country and that is great and we love that work that we do, but it’s some of the things around here that are homegrown that mean just as much to the organization.”

“We have a board for the Light Foundation that wants to make sure that we always have a focus and we maintain a really good presence here in Darke County because of all the help that we get here to do what we do,” continued Light. “This scholarship is really indicative of that commitment to getting involved at the local level.”

The Light Foundation received a record number of application this year from the Darke County and surrounding region. Applications were reviewed by a committee of Light Foundation Board Members and supporters who considered the many different aspects of each student’s high school achievements.

The 2015 scholarships were increased from the previous two scholarships per year to four.

“We felt as a board we have the ability to do it,” said Light. “We want to make more of a commitment and we want to focus on things like this. We have been able to create the foundation in a manner in which not only can we have the facilities but we can also put monies away for things like this.”

“We have an endowment that is quickly approaching 1.5 million and that is really important to know because while we grew this facility it’s become a bit of a monster,” Light added. “You have to sustain it and sustainability is key. It is also key to supporting things like this that are really impactful and are equally as meaningful.”

Some of the scholarship areas that were considered were academic achievement, community service, job responsibility, and the content of an essay each wrote.

The four 2015 Light Foundation Scholarship winners are Hannah Wenig, Melinda Meiring, Morgan Turpen and Andrea Luthman.

“These scholarships are a big way for us to tap in with some of the kids that are really leading the next generation,” Light said. “Some of the kids that are graduating, that are going to go on and have some really cool stories and this year is no different.”

“These four young ladies have a real clear idea on what it is they want to do, how they want to do it and how they are going to attack it,” stated Light. “They all have jobs this summer. I told them earlier today… look, if you can rub off on some of these other kids that are hanging out, and with the idea of; I just hope it happens and you kinda give them some of… here’s how to make it happen, that would be great.”

Hannah Wenig a 2015 graduate of Versailles High School, the daughter of Eric and Karen Knopp plans to study nursing at Indiana Wesleyan University.

“Every little bit counts,” said Wenig. “I am just very blessed to have received this scholarship.”

“I think he (Light) is an awesome guy,” Wenig stated. “I have heard of all the things he has done and I’m just flabbergasted that how great of a guy he is and his personality is easy to talk to. I think I would strive to be like him some day because he is inspiring.”

Melinda Meiring a 2015 graduate of Marion Local High School, the daughter of Donald and Patricia Meiring will major in Neuroscience at Wright State University and eventually hopes to get a PhD in The Discipline.

Commenting on the scholarship Meiring said, “It will definitely help me pay for college because I plan on going to grad school and getting my PhD which is a lot of money. The scholarship is really appreciated.”

“That was really cool,” said Meiring of her opportunity to meet Light. “It was awesome.”

Morgan Turpen a 2015 Versailles High School graduate, the daughter of Andrew and Paula Turpen will study at the University of Cincinnati DAAF (Design Art Architecture and Planning).

“The scholarship will help greatly, especially for an Art Major,” Turpen said. “It gets super expensive very quickly so this will help cover a lot of those costs.”

“He’s (Light) a sweetheart,” added Turpen. “I actually met him when he did the Youth Turkey Hunt. I was one of the first girls that got to go hunting.”

Andrea Luthman a 2015 Versailles High School graduate, the daughter of Marvin and Dawn Luthman will attend The Bradford Institute of Veterinary Technology in Columbus, OH with plans to be a Vet-Tech eventually retuning to be a Veterinarian if that is what she chooses in the future.

“It was a very big deal to receive the Light Foundation Scholarship,” said Luthman. “It was pretty challenging because you had to find time to balance out studying for exams, doing other homework and filling out other scholarships.”

“It was very neat (meeting Light),” added Luthman. “I just didn’t know how he did it in the NFL. He balanced so many things out. He’s a real role model… a really great guy.”

“Hats off to them for taking the time to fill out one more essay and get it in on time and do all those things that are going to be required of them in the real world,” said Light of the scholarship applicants and winners. “That is a testament to them and those things will always serve them well, whether they get it or not, it will always serve them well.”

Light is thankful for a mother (Marylin Light), father (Bill Light) and the community that supported him growing up in Greenville.

“This is one of the things that I am most proud of,” said Light. “I have a father and a mother… they had a heck of a case to deal with in me when I was growing up and they have just been so instrumental in my life and everything that I have done.”

“The beauty for me, not only is my family involved but so many people in this community,” continued Light. “We just have so many resources from people here that are real. We talk about being REAL at our camps all the time… responsible, ethical, accountable, and at the end of the day becoming leaders.”

“There are so many people right here that have REAL life experience doing things that really impact others and they are willing to share it and that’s a great resource,”


Gaylen Blosser, Bluebag Media