Camp Vohokase Camper Highlights

Matt Defaut - Camper HighlightIMG9585151 (1).jpg

Congratulations Matthew Defaut.  Matt is a 2011 graduate of our Vohokase Leadership program.  After graduating he bounced around a couple different jobs in search of dong something that mattered.  He worked hard, kept his head on straight, and continue working to become a better person.  I think it is safe to say he found a great home as a fire fighter / EMT and is making an impact in his community.  CONGRATS Matt Defaut.

- Nick Schuckman (Program Director)

  Harrisville Fire District Letter.jpg      

De"Chon Chithambo - Camper Highlight

We are highlighting a 2014 Leadership Program graduate, De'Chon Chithambo. I spoke to his mom recently and she had nothing but great things to say about him and all his efforts in the classroom, at home, and with his friends and family. His mom also said he has been very successful in his position at Kroger, and his associates are very pleased with him as an employee. So not only is he working in the classroom he is maintaining a job and excelling at both. In the images below, you will find a copy of his 1st semester grades and his DEAN’S LIST status! As well as a picture of De'Chon performing. CONGRATS De’Chon, keep up all the hard work. Below is an update from De’Chon about some of the successes he is realizing from all his hard work. You the man De’Chon.

-Nick Schuckman (Program Director)

“Since the start of college, I have made good friends with Kevin Bellamy, who is now my acting manager as an R&B artist. I have been writing songs to save up and sell to other artists. I have also been performing spoken word around the state of Tennessee. I am still good friends with Benjamin Smith from Southern Word.
Later, at the end of 2016, my manager and I plan to release some music. There have also been talks of a holiday EP at the end of this year. There is a lot of work and progress that is still to come, but I plan on making this year and the next magnificent.”

- De’Chon Chithambo


Isaiah Flores - Camper Highlight


Isaiah entered our program back in 2013 and at that time we noticed he struggled with knowing what he wants and how to achieve those goals. We have enjoyed getting to know him over the last 3 years and working with him on the things that are important to him. During this time, he has grown in big ways. We are highlighting Isiah because he is doing a great job at balancing school, extracurricular activities, and work.

Our team knows how capable Isaiah is and he is finally working up to his abilities. Right now at school he is an A and B student and working hard to continue improving. He is putting in the work in the classroom and at home to secure a bright future in whatever he wants to do. When I spoke to his mom she had nothing but great things to say about Isaiah. She said he has been very good at home. She has seen him mature a lot over the past year and he has become very helpful at home - even helping cook dinner when asked.

Aside from successes at home and in the classroom, he is also a contributing member to his basketball team, working 10-15 hours a week at McDonald's and participates in the school’s Community Service Club. Right now they are working on canned food drives to keep the shelves stocked at a local homeless shelter.

CONGRATULATIONS Isaiah, we are all very proud of you. Continue the hard work and amazing things will happen to you in the future.



Trenton Turvene - Pass and Review Ceremony

"Hello, my name is Trenton Turvene the following picture is from our Pass and Review ceremony for cadet Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen at Greenville High School.At the ceremony cadets are inspected, promoted and we all learn Navy core values, leadership, and citizenship.The Bravo Company was highlighted as the best marchers and I am in Bravo Company so it was a fun day for me.A big thank you to our area three manager Commander Hankens for attending, inspecting, and complimenting us for our hard work.

Preparing for the Pass and Review was a lot of hard work with lots of studying and practicing different Navy requirements, especially the marching.I received an excellent mark on my uniform presentation.I would like to extend a special thanks to Chief Eldred, Captain Denman, CO Scott Denman, PO Tonny Mancillias, and CO Candice Mallot, without their help I would not have been able to accomplish everything I did."

Trenton Turvene (left) and Dylan Smith (right)


Corrado Giacona IV - Media Arts Class

"Below are a few of my "Circular Motion Blur" project images, aka. Spinny. At first I wanted to do a Black and White portrait of people for a project, but it seemed a little boring. So instead one day when I got bored I just adjusted the Shutter Speed and started spinning the camera creating a ripple effect. Some of the projects allowed us to were do whatever we wanted, one was called Stop Motion, and also one taken on my phone. Their are many more, but these are just some of the ones that I have on my computer out of a couple thousand. Hope you enjoy them."

Spinny-9.jpg Spinny-8.jpg

Spinny-7.jpg Spinny-2.jpg