The 2019 Gauntlet will take place on Saturday, July 20

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Did someone say MUD, WATER, OBSTACLES... and M E M O R I E S..... that will last a life time??

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2017 Gauntlet Wrap Up

GREENVILLE – Over 600 competitors conquered The Gauntlet, the Light Foundation’s military-inspired obstacle course, making this year’s race the biggest in the event’s six-year history.

A total of 595 men, women and children finished the 5K course on Saturday, which featured obstacles that competitors had to climb over, crawl under and navigate through while covered in lots of mud.

“This is probably our toughest course yet,” Matt Light, a Greenville native and founder of the Light Foundation, said. “We have a lot of new obstacles. We’ve utilized things like the ash trees that are dying around here to make some neat obstacles and different things for them to enjoy throughout the course.”

Along with participants from throughout Ohio, the race included people from all over the United States including participants from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky and Massachusetts.

“It’s been an awesome run with this event. We’ve seen this event continue to grow – this is our biggest year ever,” Light said. “This is a great way to compete and challenge yourself to do something maybe outside of your comfort zone and at the same time have a lot of fun and support what we do here at the foundation, which has continued to grow as well.”

Calen Bruner was the top overall finisher, crossing the finish line in 25:12.8. Isaac Stephens finished second in 25:23.2, and Will Stapleton finished third in 28:15.7.

Lillian Schwer won the girls 19 and younger division in 39:41.2, Brooklyn Miras finished second in 39:41.4, and Katelyn Hartings finished third in 42:24.5.

Karena Berning won the women’s 20 to 29 division in a time of 36:18.9, Shelby Rowland finished second in 38:12.9, and Makayla Pearce finished third in 41:56.7.

Ashley Stull won the women’s 30 to 39 division with a time of 37:05.6, Sabrina Riley finished second in 40:21.0, and Ashley Maloney finished third in 41:06.0.

Loretta Spirito won the women’s 40 to 49 division in 40:25.1, Sally Perea finished second in 40:29.8, and Angel Shiverdecker finished third in 44:12.4.

Deborah Loewer won the women’s 50 to 59 division in a time of 40:43.9, Jillyn Bruner finished second in 46:13.4, and Lynne Mangen finished third in 47:07.9.

Pat Brockman won the women’s 60 and older division in 54:52.9, and Sherry Smith finished second in 1:26:15.1.

Isaac Stephens won the boys 19 and younger division with a time of 25:23.2, Carson Bruner finished second in 29:42.1, and Zach Previt finished third in 32:29.4.

Calen Bruner won the men’s 20 to 29 division in a time of 25:12.8, Will Stapleton finished second in 28:15.7, and John Mobly finished third in 31:32.3.

Tyler Foster won the men’s 30 to 39 division in 30:02.9, Bruce Burns finished second in 32:22.9, and Phillip Pierri finished third in 34:27.1.

Tom Demange won the men’s 40 to 49 division with a time of 33:01.1, Todd Troutwine finished second in 33:16.4, and Skip Fosburg finished third in 35:12.3.

Phil Berning won the men’s 50 to 59 division in 33:54.0, Neil Fogt finished second in 35:52.1, and Dennis Eckstein finished third in 36:12.6.

Steve Richardson won the men’s 60 and older division in time of 45:48.5, Wayne Fisher finished second in 46:03.6, and Scott Clum finished third in 1:00:43.3.

The Gauntlet also included a team competition with CrossFit In The Darke finishing as the winning team. The group, which included Calen Bruner, Carson Bruner, Amanda Falknor, Casey Bruns, Trevor De Schepper, Jillyn Bruner and Laikyn Bruner, finished with a team time of 3:10:42.3.

“The cool things about this year is it’s 50/50 almost exactly – 50 percent men, 50 percent women, which includes of course all the kids and all the different age groups,” Light, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, said. “Greenville has done a great job of representing, but we’ve got people from all over really the country. We’ve got people that are flying in from down south and out west so they’re meeting up with friends and family and using this as a way to get together and do something fun as a group.”

All proceeds from the Gauntlet will go to benefit the Light Foundation and its programs including The Light Project, All-Conference Youth Football Camp, youth wild turkey hunt, Camp Vohakase and more.

“I think it’s a testament to our team and the work that they do and getting the word out,” Light said of The Gauntlet’s record-breaking year. “And of course just the people here locally that support the foundation. It’s endless the amount of work that goes into this. We’re on pace to have over 7,000 kids, youth, come through this facility. That’s really impressive.”

To view complete results from the sixth annual Gauntlet, visit

Kyle Shaner - Daily Advocate



Light Foundation makes the 2016 Gauntlet more family, viewer friendly

By Kyle Shaner -

DARKE COUNTY – For the fifth annual Gauntlet, the Light Foundation is seeking to make the military-inspired obstacle course more viewer friendly and more family friendly than ever before.

The race is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Aug. 13 at Chenoweth Trails, the foundation’s 450-acre facility near Greenville. More than 4,500 people used the facility last year, but Light – a Greenville native and three-time Super Bowl champion who founded the Light Foundation – said many people in the community still haven’t seen the facility.

“What we’ve heard a lot from people in the community is, ‘Hey, I’ve never been out to Chenoweth Trails. I’ve never seen it.’ Right? And, ‘When can I come out?” Light said. “We like to tell them, come out during the Gauntlet because you can see some of it.”

However, during past years spectators have been confined to the front portion of the facility, which limited their ability to watch the race or see all that Chenoweth Trails has to offer. So this year the Light Foundation has moved the Gauntlet’s base to the center of the camp and has opened up viewing areas for spectators.

“So now everything is going to be taking place right in the heart of our facility,” Light said. “And, just like if you’re familiar with the Enduro, there’s going to be checkpoints where you can go out and you can see all your loved ones that are running it go through certain obstacles. So you’ll actually be in the heart of the action in the woods or on the edge of the woods or down toward the front. You can pick whatever obstacle that you want to see. You can sit there and watch it. Or you can go visit each one of them.”

The Gauntlet features a number of obstacles that competitors must face including walls to climb, ropes to swing across and mud to crawl through throughout Chenoweth Trails, a facility that includes an outdoor kitchen, an amphitheater, a turf field and yurts.

“People will be able to see everything, and they’ll be able to go out and walk the trails,” Light said. “So if you ever wanted a chance to see Chenoweth Trails, this would be the time to do it.”

The Gauntlet, which is a fundraiser for the Light Foundation and its work at Chenoweth Trails, also includes music, food and drinks for competitors and spectators to enjoy. Additionally, the Light Foundation has added more activities for children including Nerf guns and inflatables to bounce in.

“What we wanted to turn this thing into was a big family fun day,” Light said. “So whether it’s before the race, during the race or after the race, we want to encourage everybody to stay, stick around and enjoy all the festivities.

“After the race really that’s just a time for us all to hang out for fellowship and have a great time.”

This year all parking for the Gauntlet will be done on-site at Chenoweth Trails. Shuttles then will take competitors and spectators back to the camp from the front parking lot.

“We’re really hoping that people can come out and use it as a two for one,” Light said. “Whether they’re running it or not or just coming out to see Chenoweth Trails, they’ll be able to see everything there is and what we have to offer.”