A winning experience at Chenoweth Trails is also a win for The Light Foundation! By choosing to rent Chenoweth Trails for your special event, you are giving us more opportunity to serve others in unique ways.  At the Light Foundation, we strive to create a learning environment and a culture that is rooted in the outdoors.  We are all about getting young people to think outside of the box and reach their highest potential.  Chenoweth Trails is a key resource for reaching the goals we set for kids, their families, the community, and beyond. It is here to promote and facilitate these opportunities for our youth programs and other non-profit groups and organizations.  So, while you win with a meaningful experience here, we win through continued support for our organization!

The revenue generated from the rental of Chenoweth Trails is part of our model for success and goes a long way in reaching our goals for serving kids and communities.  We are grateful for those who have helped us along the way and who have played a major role through volunteerism and financial support.  The rental of Chenoweth Trails is designed primarily to help us raise needed funds, so we can continue to provide unique experiences for companies, organizations, and individuals.  Rental fees help to offset maintenance costs, allowing us to set aside dollars for current and future programming. In choosing Chenoweth Trails for your event, it is confirmation that you believe in what we are doing and see true value in our programs and our facility. 

We truly appreciate the continued support we receive from the community and we hope that Chenoweth Trails will serve your needs.  Our incredible staff will go out of their way to ensure a fabulous experience, no matter what you might use the facility for. Thank you from all of us at The Light Foundation!

We are excited that you are considering our facility to host your special event. We receive a high volume of requests each year and are limited during our peak season to host everyone. Our facility can offer endless possibilities for your event, including camping, fishing, swimming, and hiking. When completing the Chenoweth Trails Event Proposal Form we ask that you provide as much detail about your organization, your mission, and your programming event at Chenoweth Trails, to assist us in considering your request.

Visitation By Appointment Only - To request a visit please complete the Event Proposal Form at: | or Call : April Brubaker at 937-316-6352 | or send an email to: Once we are in receipt of your proposal, we will contact you to discuss your inquiry and availability.