On May 29 – 31, the Mississinawa Valley MVCTC FFA came to Chenoweth trails.Fifteen newly elected officers and 2 advisors were present for the annual officer retreat at Chenoweth Trails.The 3-day event allowed time for teamwork exercises, personal development, goal setting, and recreation.Each officer played a part in planning the Program of Activities for the year to reflect each part of the FRA – member development, chapter development, community development.Officers learned about archery with Emily Clark and took turns being in charge of a meal each.One highlight was the snapper turtle that was harvested and demonstrated by “Turtleman”.The trails, fishing, and swimming activities were enjoyed by all, but the rain held off some students.Students enjoyed the wildlife, including even the frogs, toads and snails.The officer group was really pleased with Chenoweth Trails and what was available so close to home.They hope to hold the retreat at Chenoweth Trails again in the future.