T H A N K     Y O U ! 

For choosing Chenoweth Trails to host your 2018 event, we look forward to having you!

We will send you the rental contract via email with the proper rental pricing noted.  You will need to complete the rental contract and specify what date and times you are wishing to rent Chenoweth Trails.  Please refer to the specific cover letter below, depending on which type of rental you are.  The cover letter has specific directions as to what forms are needed and what type of liability insurance is required.  Some of the required forms below will need to be submitted with your contract and deposit as instructed in the cover letter.  You will gain occupancy of Chenoweth Trails on the day the rental begins and not before.  If you need to obtain occupancy prior to the event for pre-planning then you will need to start your rental the day before your event,  and will need to include that date on your rental contract and on your insurance form.


The Light Foundation / Chenoweth Trails / 440 Greenville Nashville Road / Greenville OH 45331 / (937) 316-6352

Please note if you are wanting to rent the facility on the weekend you must be at Chenoweth Trials by 4:00pm on that Friday for a pre-rental walk thru and to turn in individual release forms.  If you are unable to make it to Chenoweth Trials for the pre-rental walk thru on that Friday, special arrangements can be made to do your walk thru earlier in the week.  If you are a Saturday or Sunday Rental special arrangements can be made to do your walk thru earlier in the week.   A WALK THRU IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO RENTAL - Failure to do so will result in NO RENTAL.


Printable Rental Documents

1. Renting Chenoweth Trails is a Win Win

2. 2018 Rental Pricing

3a. Regular Rental Cover Letter

3b. Non-Profit Cover Letter

4. Facility Inquiry Form

5. Organizational Release Form

6. Individual Release Form

7. Sample of Required Certificate of Liability

8. Event Summary Report